A Guide to Camping in the Winter

Just because the weather is cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a camping trip. Camping is a year-round activity, as long as you are properly prepared. For a guide to camping in the winter, keep reading.

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The first step to take when preparing for a winter camping trip is installing or upgrading your RV’s insulation. You want to make sure your RV can hold heat. A toasty living space can make your winter camping trip safe and enjoyable. Check your RV’s piping, windows, and insulation to make sure it’s ready for cold weather.

Next, protect your RV’s plumbing. Once you’ve determined that your vehicle’s piping is properly functioning, you must make sure it is protected. To do so, use heat tape on pipes and hoses. Keep your internal plumbing warm by opening cabinets. Also, be sure to use the internal freshwater tank, a space heater, and antifreeze when needed.

Taking care of your RV engine is always important, but it is especially important in the winter. Keep an eye on your vehicle’s engine and battery. If the battery is collecting corrosion, be sure to clean it. If you find yourself cleaning this corrosion frequently, it may be time to replace the battery.

Winterizing your RV is a must if you plan on camping in the cold. Cover your AC unit, install vent covers, care for plastic components, and change the batteries in any safety devices. Don’t forget to pack blankets, hand-warmers, winter weather clothing accessories, and so on before heading out on your winter camping trip.

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