Avoid a Tire Blowout

Tire blowouts are deadly. It is important to have your tires in pristine condition at all times to prevent the risk of this happening. Below are a few safety precautions that will help prevent tire blowouts.

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Check Your Tire Pressures Regularly

When there is insufficient air in the tire, it may overwork causing it to overheat and blow out. In order to prevent this, always ensure that your tire pressures are up to their recommended PSIs. We recommend that you check the tire pressures at least once a month and top them up as needed.

Replace Your Tires According to The Schedule

The National Traffic Safety Administration recommends that tires should be replaced when there is any significant or uneven tread wear. This is ideally every six years. If, however, you notice any tire damage, do not hesitate to replace the affected tire right away.

Keep the Load Limits on Your Vehicle

Excessive weights on the tires may put excessive pressure on the tires. Do not carry more than the recommended manufacturer limits. Do not hesitate to make additional trips to safeguard your tires. Safety must always come first.

Watch Out for Signs of Wear or Tear

Always monitor for signs of wear and tear. This is especially so if you use rough terrain every day or have recently traveled a long distance. Any uneven treads should warrant a visit to the mechanic. It is also important to always keep your service dates to allow your service provider to do a thorough evaluation.

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