The Little Guy Max Changes the Light Trailer Game

Let’s have a look at one of the handiest trailers in our inventory. The newest version of the Little Guy Max is a game-changer for your camping and traveling aspirations. It’s only about 3,000 pounds, holds three people, and has 35 cubic feet of storage.

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Fall Camping is the Best Camping

While Summer is synonymous with vacations and road trips, other seasons are ideal for getting away as well. Spring is the right time for hedonism to run wild and Winter is ideal for that ski trip on the slopes you’ve always wanted to take. When it comes to Fall, there’s one activity that’s almost suited too perfectly for it—camping. That’s right, it’s time to greet the great outdoors with enthusiasm and enjoy nature with all its beauty.

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RV Friendly National Parks for a Fun Family Vacation

Yellowstone National Park- Wyoming, Idaho and Montana

Our nation’s first national park is a place of beauty and wonderment that is absolutely a “must-see” when it comes to exploring nature. Gorgeous pools, springs, geysers, and wildlife are fabulous sights to behold that will likely take your breath away.

Yellowstone has a total of 12 campgrounds and every one of them permits RVs. Make your reservation as far ahead as possible at Madison, Bridge Bay, Grant Village, Canyon, and Fishing Bridge since the sites get booked quickly. Without a reservation, you can try the other seven other campgrounds to search for an open spot. If you want a campground with full hookups, Fishing Bridge is your only option.

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RV Friendly Healthy & Easy Meals to Make

It’s so easy to slip into unhealthy eating while camping. I mean, who can resist that extra perfectly toasted s’more? At Patriot RV, we know that those unhealthy hot dogs and burgers are delicious for the first few days but begin to wear you down on longer trips. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five RV-friendly healthy and easy meals to make.

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Spring Camping Tips

We love the spring because spring means that it is finally time to get the RV out and get ready to travel the country in style. Many people are just itching to get out and travel, especially this spring and summer because we have all been cooped up for months. If this is your first time camping in the spring weather, we have some tips and tricks for you.

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Buying a Travel Trailer Guide for Beginners

If you are new to the RV scene, then a travel trailer may be the perfect option for you. A travel trailer is a smart choice for beginners because it is smaller and attaches to the back of another vehicle, yet it is still spacious, fully functional, and durable with solid walls. Many travel trailers also have extensions that expand space once you park and set up camp. Patriot RV of Ashland has a lot of travel trailers in stock, and we understand it may be hard to pick the right one, so we have put together a travel trailer guide for beginners:

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Reasons to RV Travel in 2021

Everyone’s lives seem to have been turned upside down since the arrival of COVID-19. Traveling, in particular, has presented a monumental dilemma for people. Since social distancing is the modern golden rule, Patriot RV believes there’s no better way to safely take a sight-seeing getaway than in your very own RV!

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Stocking Your RV Kitchen

It’s almost our favorite time of year, the time when we can pull out the RVs and prepare for a season of road trips, camping out, and s’mores making. Speaking of s’mores, one of the things you need to do to prepare for your next adventure is to make sure your RV kitchen is stocked and ready to go. What will you need to get to prepare? Here is our list of suggestions.

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