Tips for Storing Your RV

If you bought yourself a new RV for the holiday season, or you are thinking already about next year’s adventures, you’ll want to make sure your RV is perfectly stored for the winter season. No one wants to start off 2021 with a damaged RV. Here are some tips for preparing to store your RV during the cold winter months.

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Storage Tips

You need to think ahead of where to store your RV. You want to store it in a secure location, away from bugs and critters, as well as damage from birds and tree sap. Look into options such as RV parks that can give your RV the perfect place to rest, as well as keeping it safe and sound. Many RV parks and storage facilities charge a low monthly fee, and it is worth the price for peace of mind.

Before you store your RV, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned, outside and inside. If you don’t a small forgotten piece of fruit can mean a huge issue with bugs and smell in the spring. Be sure that your RV is waxed to protect it from the elements during the winter. While you’re cleaning, if you notice cracks or leaks in your RV, repair them and seal them with an RV sealer. You also want to make sure that you vent the RV to prevent a musty smell in the spring. You can leave your RV vents open as long as there are vent covers. You’ll also want to let some light into your RV during the winter. That way if you have a bit of mold overwinter, it will be a small problem you can fix quickly, rather than a huge problem you’ll have to fix later.

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